Top Model Tips : Holly Carpenter

miss ireland (Miss Ireland Winner 2011) Since winning Miss Ireland Holly Carpenter has become a familiar face in Ireland and it has been recently revealed that she will be appearing on this seasons Britain and Irelands Next Top Model airing this Thursday. Holly wowed judges Elle Macphearson, Danni Minigue and Tyson Beckford with her stunning beauty and perfect figure.She is not allowed to say how far she got in show so you will have to tune in to find out, no doubt she will do us proud. holly pic Holly has always stood out to me as a real classic beauty with striking features, so I caught up with her earlier in the week to find out her beauty secrets. 1.Firstly , how do you maintain your gorgeous complexion!? I exfoliate twice a week and moisturise a lot. I also wear factor 50 on my face in the sun & put sudocream on any blemishes. 2.What is your favourite Cosmetic Brand? I love Green Angel Skincare because it uses natural ingredients like seaweed, I also love St.Ives exfoliator. 3.What are the top three products you couldnt live without!? Benefit 'Fake up' concealer, Vaseline & Rimmel eyebrow pencil 4.What is your signature scent!? Vera Wang Princess 5.Have you got one top model beauty tip you could share with us!? Less is more! I'm over the 'caked' look with orange foundation and huge fake eyelashes (although I still love going all out on nights out!) Tune in to see Holly on Britain and Irelands next Top Model this thursday at 9pm on Sky Living and check out her blog Holly+BINTM<