3 Of My Most Commonly Asked Beauty Questions, Answered.

I am delighted to be working with TK Maxx again sharing some of my top makeup tips with you. Anyone that follows me on snapchat will know how often I frequent my nearest TK Maxx and always share some of the gems I have picked up each time! You all know I love a bargain and have found some of my favourite designer brand products in TK Maxx for a fraction of the regular retail price.

This week I filmed some short videos for TK Maxx sharing some of my top make up tips and shared what make up tools I couldn't live without.

I am going to go into a little bit more detail here and cover some of my most commonly asked questions.

How to change your make up as you age...

This is something I get asked on a regular basis and my mum who is in her sixties now has taken on board all of these tips and people always comment on how great she looks.

  • As we age our skin loses its natural glow and plumpness, it can start to look a bit dull so we need to bring back that youthful radiance. Skincare is important here and I always recommend investing in some hydrating brightening serums or masks. Sheet masks are everywhere at the moment and I have recently become a huge fan of them myself . Once you peel them off you can usually see an immediate glow to the skin.  Another really good quick fix and one that I absolutely swear by is introducing a liquid illuminator in to your make up routine. Simply mix it in with your regular foundation for an instant lift to the skin. I love trying this on older women and seeing their reactions when they look in the mirror, its so simple but literally transforms the appearance to the skin. Most brands have Liquid illuminators and highlighters in their ranges now so they are really easy to find.
  • Eyebrows are another important area to define at any age but especially as we age as if done right they can knock years off your appearance. There are lots of handy eyebrow kits on the market now and they are so simple to use. Less is more when it comes to brows and even just a small bit of definition can make the biggest difference.
  • If I had to choose one item to bring with me in my make up bag it would be lip-liner. As we age our lips tend to get thinner and lack definition. A lip liner is going to give you that definition and also add volume to the lips making them look fuller. I always go for a natural lip colour and finish with a pop of gloss on the lips for added plumpness.

How many make up brushes do I need....

A lot of you may follow make up artists and bloggers who seem to have an endless supply of make up brushes. I get asked all of the time how many make up brushes does the average lady need just for doing her own make up. Brushes for me are the most important part of my kit and I simply would not be able to achieve the looks I want without using the right tools. Every woman needs the following:

  1. A foundation Brush
  2. A Powder Brush
  3. A fluffy blending eyeshadow brush
  4. An Eyebrow brush
  5. A blusher brush

These 5 brushes are the essentials and can be doubled and used for other things like contouring etc. I always recommend buying a brush set that includes the essentials and it usually works out cheaper.

How do I apply lashes....

Lashes are one of the quickest ways to transform your whole look. Full lashes will make your eyes look bigger and brighter but be warned they can get addictive. When choosing your lashes always go for the ones with a nice thin band as seen in the picture below. This is going to help them adhere to the skin a lot easier and make for an easy application.

  1. Measure the strip up to your eye and see if you need to trim any off to fit your eye shape. I always trim about a centimetre from the outside of the lash which also makes them easier to apply.
  2. Once it is the right length apply a thin coating of eyelash glue to the band of the lash. Let it get slightly tacky.
  3. Sit the strip on to your own lashes using them as a shelf for the lashes.
  4. Gently press the strip up on to the eyelid closely along the lash line until the glue sticks to the skin.

When choosing lashes always go for a fluffy natural lash for the best and most flattering results.

This Thursday TK Maxx will have their biggest ever beauty offering arriving in stores across the country with 1ooos of big beauty brands  available including some of my favourite make up and skincare brands.

Happy Shopping!

Tara xx

Disclaimer  This post has  been sponsored by TK Maxx  and as always all opinions are my own.

2 Months to our Summer Holidays

We are heading away on our summer holidays 8 weeks from now, I don't know how summer crept up on us so quickly! I had the best intentions over the past couple of months to get back to the same fitness level I was at for my wedding. This time last year I was fitter then I have ever been and felt better then ever before.

I know some people are amazing at staying motivated all year round but I really struggle with it. I can make loads of excuses as to why but the answer is I just need to push myself more. I have totally changed my diet over the last year and I  am so much healthier, thats the easy part for me. The hard part for me is going to the gym 3-4 times a week.

I always work better when I have a goal to focus on so the holidays are my first goal and a very special wedding in September will hopefully help me keep up the momentum.

What really worked for me last year and what I am trying to do again: 

1. Have a goal

2. Having healthy treats in the fridge at all times ( I have an extremely sweet tooth and an addiction to tea so the only thing I miss is chocolate with my tea)

3. Avoiding processed food and trying to always go for the healthy options on the menu when eating out.

4. If I wanted a bar of chocolate I have one or had half of one, I just don't have one everyday.

5. I aim to drink at least 2 litres of water a day.

6. I never skip a meal which was something I always used to do. I always have breakfast,lunch and dinner and a couple of snacks throughout the day.

7. Always have healthy snacks in my bag incase my job goes on longer then I expect.

8.Aim to go to the gym  3 times a week and try and walk as much as possible. I actually found the FitBit amazing for motivating me to hit 10,000 steps a day.

9. Be realistic and don't set yourself an unrealistic goal and don't be hard on yourself if you have a bad day food wise, Just don't make it a bad week.

I also find it motivating when I have nice gym gear and I usually get most of mine in Penneys. Myself and a few other bloggers have been taking part in the Primark, Set, Go Campaign where we have been testing out the sportswear in intense workouts over the past couple of months. I absolutely love this particular set, it is so summery and really comfortable to wear too.

Finally I am going to share the recipe for my favourite energy balls that so  many of you love too! I still get asked how to make them everyday so I thought it would be best to share it in this blog and at least if any of you are looking for some healthier alternatives for treats you can find it here.

Peanut & chocolate energy balls (Makes about 5 so double or add 50% more if necessary)

  • 45grm wholegrain porridge oats
  • 2 tablespoon meridian peanut butter
  • 6 squares of dark choc cut in to chips
  • 2 tablespoon of natural honey/agave
  • 2 tspn coconut oil melted
  • 4 teaspoon desiccated coconut

Blend in nutri bullet/food processor , if the mix is too dry add another drop of honey, if it's too wet add some more oats. Judge it for yourself but you should be able to roll in to balls easily. Pop in fridge for at least an hour. Enjoy!!!!


Tara x

Disclaimer : The images in this post are sponsored in collaboration with primark, as always all opinions are my own.

Tara Travels To : New York

I travelled to New York a few years back with my mum and sister on a shopping trip, the exchange rate was amazing and we got amazing bargains.

Its somewhere I knew I wanted to return to with Daniel as he had never been before. We booked last August and our two best friends who happen to be together decided to come too!

We were recommended to go to The Meatpacking District so we booked Dream Downtown through Click & Go. When you book with Click & Go your flights are included in the price too so its very straight forward.The hotel looked amazing online and the reviews were all good.

We book most trips through Click & Go and have yet to be disappointed, the hotel was fab! The rooms were smallish, bathrooms were spacious. We were on the 2nd floor so we didn't hear any music at night but I would say you would on the 1st/8th floor.

There is a pool, a penthouse bar and a basement nightclub and it was in close proximity to everywhere we wanted to go.

The Chelsea Market was literally less then a minutes walk from the hotel. We went here a couple of mornings for breakfast or a coffee and donut. I cannot stress the importance of trying the donuts in The Doughnuttery they are seriously delicious. I definitely recommend wandering around Chelsea market for an hour.

Another thing we did was grab a tea and head to The highline which is two minutes from the end of The Chelsea market. The High Line is a 1.45-mile-long  linear park built  on an elevated section of a disused New York Central Railroad spur called the West Side Line. Its so nice to walk along and take in the incredible views.

The weather while we were there ( April 8th-13th) was unbelievable, the coldest day was about 20°C and the hottest day hit about 27°C. We took full advantage of this and tried to stay outdoors as much as possible. On the hottest day we went to Central Park and walked for over an hour and took in the gorgeous scenery. There are squirrels everywhere and we saw a racoon too. There is so much to see and do in the park and if you have children with you they will love it too. We walked as far as The Boathouse and had a gorgeous lunch there by the lake. There were lots of people sailing around in boats which is definitely something I will do next time.

We got the subway to Brooklyn and wandered around the area before walking over the Brooklyn Bridge, again there were amazing views and you can see The Statue Of Liberty from the bridge. The bridge brings you back to Manhattan and you are in walking distance from Ground Zero and The Westfield World Trade Centre shopping centre which is really cool to walk around too.

There is obviously so much to see and do that we didn't get to do half the things we wanted too. We tried to go the The Top of The Rock but it was fully booked so I would recommend booking this in advance. Another thing we will do next time is take the Staten Island ferry which is free and supposed to be amazing and gives a great view of the Statue of liberty. I personally loved wandering around little Italy, Chinatown and Soho.

I was given so many restaurant recommendations before we went and we only got to try a few so I will list off some that we visited and some that came highly recommended.

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