Skin Complaints no.2 ‘ Acne and problem skin’

Problem skin can be a very embarrassing issue that leaves you feeling so self conscious.
I speak from experience as I suffered with bad skin as a teenager and I will never forget how it made me

Anytime I post a blog about skin problems it gets a big reaction, I think we all have some sort of skin complaint that bothers us. I am going to cover some of the most common skin problems in my next few blogs. If there is anything I don't cover please don't hesitate to mail me on Facebook.



Anybody that follows my blog will know that I suffered with acne for several years and finally made the big decision to go on Roaccutane. Since then I have received a lot of private mails from acne sufferers debating whether or not to go on Roaccutane. Going on Roaccutane is a huge decision and I can understand why people need to give it a lot of thought. I had a lot of negative side effects during and after taking Roaccutane so really want to stress to people that it is a last resort and an extreme measure. There are so many less aggressive options now that I would strongly consider trying first.

Unfortunately acne is sometimes hereditary and no matter how healthy you eat or how much water you drink
it just has to run its course.

Food Intolerances: There are a number of foods that I cut out in the past to try and find what was causing my breakouts. Dairy is a common contributor to acne,for example if you pick up a creamy latte on your way to work every morning and  find your skin isn't improving it could literally be as simple as cutting this out of your daily routine and foods such as chocolate,cheese and milk for a few weeks and seeing if you notice an improvement.

Diet: While some foods can aggravate your skin there are so many foods that can be beneficial to your skin too. A healthy diet and lifestyle usually can be reflected in the appearance of your skin. There are some superfoods that can really give your skin a boost such as :Avocado, nuts, Garlic, broccoli, eggs, tomatoes, salmon, mackerel.

Skincare: A good skincare routine is essential for people with sensitive skin. Using a gentle exfoliator once a week should prevent clogged pores that can lead to further breakouts. It is crucial that you only do this once a week as any more won't allow your skin the time it needs to heal itself. I remember when my skin was bad I would exfoliate nearly everyday as I thought I was giving my skin a thorough clean, unfortunately this did nothing other then aggravate it further. If you have acne prone skin it is probably more oily then dry so it is also a good idea to look for oil-free  moisturisers and cleansers.

Water: This is an obvious one but probably one of the most important. Water is the most essential ingredient to achieving flawless skin. It plays an important role with all skin conditions and keeps your skin hydrated and plump. Aim for 2 litres a day especially if you work in a stuffy environment with air conditioning as this can also cause havoc with your skin.

Sleep and Stress : Beauty sleep is essential  as it allows your skin to renew itself, new skin cells grow and replace older cells so missing sleep means your skin is missing this process which will result in dull skin. Stress can also be a big contributor to acne breakouts and cause your skin to flare up. People also tend to touch their face a lot when they are stressed which will only cause further infection. If you are feeling stressed try your best to distract yourself or even better take an hour off and do something that will take your mind of things.


If your skin  is really getting you down and nothing you try is seeming to work, I would recommend going to a skin specialist or a dermatologist.  People with problem skin are forever on the look out for the next miracle cream. I do have a few that I run to whenever I have a breakout.


Glam Glow

I would describe it as a ‘facial in a jar’ , your skin looks amazing instantly so its great to use before a big night out or special occasion. The ingrediants are of the highest quality and leave you with excellent results. The best thing about this is that it is suitable for all skin types and men can use it too!

It is 99% paraben free and cruelty free and leaves skin revitalised for 3 days after each application. Some of its many benefits include; minimised pores, softens fine lines and wrinkles, skin collagen synthesis for a 3 day glow and resurfacing exfoliation.

I apply this all over my face and leave it for 10 minutes before rinsing off. I find especially if I have a breakout that this tones down the redness and dries up the spot quickly.





Pixy Natural almond Face Scrub
Unlike most exfoliators this one is not abrasive in the skin and leaves your skin feeling nourished. It is packed full of skin softening ingredients like jojoba and apricot oils and buttermilk. This is a safe option for acne sufferers as it won't aggravate your skin but still give a good exfoliation.




When my skin was particularly bad I used to smother it in Sudocream. I have so many spot creams and ointments from various brands but still find when I get a spot I usually turn to Sudocream. It definitely dries up the spot really quickly. I literally pur the tiniest amount on the problem area before I go to bed.




I definitely find certain foundations can cause me to have breakouts and aggravate my skin. For everyday foundation I usually wear Bare Minerals . I have tried the Original and the compact version and love them both. You can get a great coverage with Bare Minerals without feeling like you are clogging your pores as its made with minerals that can actually improve the appearance of your skin.