Skin Complaints No.1 ‘All about the Eyes’

As a beauty blogger and make up artist a lot of people come to me with their beauty dilemmas and skin complaints. I deal with so many different women on a weekly basis with nearly all of them suffering with some sort of skin complaint. As there are so many to cover I am going to break them down into separate blogs. This one will be all about eye complaints, nearly all of us suffer from at least one of these. Marilyn Monroe   Dark Circles This is a very common complaint amongst my followers,I know a lot of you are mums that rarely get a full nights sleep. Lack of sleep IS the most common cause of dark circles unfortunately. However there are numerous other contributors such as ; people suffering with food intolerances such as coeliacs, allergies and people that suffer with their sinuses can be prone to dark circles, or simply a lack of vitamins in your diet. Combating these problems should see an immediate improvement. Age can be an unfortunate factor too as the skin under the eyes becomes even thinner, keep yourself hydrated to make the skin appear more plump. One of the best natural remedies for discolouration under the eyes is leaving cool tea bags over the eyes for 10-15mins in the morning. Alternatively you can go for a quick fix with a good concealer, I find the Collection 2000 liquid concealers excellent for under the eyes. edd766cdd45e90d9b3b5dcb735f15dc2   Puffiness Again Puffiness under the eyes can be attributed to a number of things, Sometimes it can hereditary but fear not there are lots of things you can do to help reduce it.  Salt can be a big factor when it comes to puffiness under the eyes , you may notice the morning after a salty dinner your eyes can look more puffy then usual. Cutting down on salt in your diet can make a big difference aswell as increasing your water intake which will reduce water retention immediately. I find Green Angel Eye Gel excellent for under the eyes especially in the morning when they are more puffy. The skin surrounding the eye area is extremely delicate and needs to be handled with care. Always remove eye make up gently and avoid using make up removing wipes around the eyes.   1662713_815159241831443_675619128_n   Fine Lines The no.1 cause of fine lines and wrinkles is the sun, I always stress the importance of wearing a high factor sunscreen especially on the face. Keep your eyes protected with sunglasses and a hat. I think once we hit our mid to late twenties we start to become more  aware of the fine lines that start to appear most commonly around the eye area.  From the age of 25 onwards I do recommend for you to start using a light eye gel on a daily basis. One of the fastest and most effective ways to minimise fine lines and wrinkles is hydration. Hydration from within will keep the skin looking plump and revitalised  and soften the appearance of lines,  hydrate under the eyes with a moisturising  eye cream or gel to see an instant difference. Avoid using matte products under the eyes and keep powders to a minimum sticking only to extremely fine powders used sparingly. I also find massaging the delicate eye area a few times a week with virgin coconut oil helps too. 8d0b09d22f098ebd55b5cbab8e33c279