Primark, Set, Go!

First things first, Happy valentines Day!

Today was stage two of The Primark, Set, Go Campaign that myself and some fellow bloggers are involved in. Last months event was very intense with a full HIT workout and we were really put through our paces. Today  was a lot more chilled starting with a Detox Talk with LifeCleanse which was really interesting. We learnt all about some simple ways to detox including oil pulling, tongue scrapping, drinking more water and lots more!


After that we did some aerial yoga with Siaerial Dance, I googled it beforehand and had already decided that I wouldn't be able to do it as it looks impossible, but after some help and encouragement I was literally hanging upside down and loved it! That is something that I definitely like to try again.

I only like to wear high waisted leggings when I am working out and these floral print ones came up over my waist so even though I may have been hanging upside down I didn't feel self concious.

The day then finished with a juicing workshop with LifeCleanse, which was really interesting as it involved mainly vegetables, seeds and roots which wouldn't be what I would usually use but they still tasted nice. The last one was my favourite though as it was the one for people with a sweet tooth, It was a couple of frozen bananas, Pumpkin seeds, 2 table spoons of almond butter and almond milk..yum!

  Disclaimer This post is sponsored in collaboration with Primark, As always all opinions are my own.