New Product Alert :Urban Decay Revolution Lipsticks

Last week I was invited along to the Urban Decay A/W product Launch. I am a HUGE Urban Decay fan so was delighted to get the first glimspe of their new additions. urban decay aw I was given a box of A/W make-up goodies to try out! I am a big lipstick junkie so I am going to review them first. So on the 5th August Urban Decay will launch 20 new lipsticks 16 of these will have matching liners, I love the idea of a perfectly matching liner and lipstick. pair ('Native' lip liner & Lipstick) Lets have a look at some of the gorgeous lipstick shades photo[2] (Naked 2) :The perfect nude. photo[3] (Native) :Baby pink photo[1] (Anarchy) :Shocking Pink photo[2] (69) :Fire engine red. photo[3] (Bang) :Bright orange photo[1] (Jilted) :The perfect balance between purple and pink photo[4] (F-Bomb) :Marilyn Monroe red photo[5] (Venom) :Rich purple photo[6] (Obsessed) :Barbie pink These lipsticks are really moisturising and have a glossy finish, however unlike most glossy lipsticks the colour pay-off is unbelievable.There is a really gorgeous variety of colours to choose from, you are bound to find one to suit you. Retail Price :€20 Here are some of my favourites : photo[5] Anarchy photo[4] Bang photo[7] Native