My Holiday Beauty Diary

Hey ladies, I am just back from a fab break in Portugal. My schedule was crazy in the lead up to my holidays so it was so lovely to have some time to charge my batteries for August which is another hectic month. While I was away I thought of some handy tips to share with those of you going away in August or September. Tan Prior to going on holidays I got a Laurens Way spray tan in Allure in Drumcondra. I always get a spray tan before I go on holidays. It just gives me a boost and I feel like I can get away with brighter colours and remember ' If you can't tone it, Tan it' !! A lot of people worry that a spray tan won't last well in the sun. Mine did gradually fade as normal and I was in and out of the sea.  One thing I would do is avoid body oils or oily moisturisers as these can cause the tan to go patchy. I used Cocoa Brown Oil-free moisturiser everyday instead. f8623a5c1e5e014e3020cce8f489818a Make Up As I had semi permanant lashes and HD brows for my holidays I didn't need as much make up. During the day I mixed my Stila bb cream with a factor 50 for my face and wore Malibu Lipbalm Spf30. During the night I just used my BB cream mixed with Buff Sheer Glow, applied a bit of blusher and highlighter to give my skin a gorgeous summer glow and then popped a bit of colour on my lips. I packed the following: Stila Bronzing Balm Spf 30 Buff Bronzer 'Golden Godess' Buff Sheer Glow 'Paradise' Mac Fix+ Spray Mac Soft & Gentle Buff  'Big O ' blusher Essence Brow gel Urban Decay Lipstick 'Native' Stila Convertible Colour 'Gerbera' tara hol Perfume I never bring an expensive perfume on holidays, I find that sometimes the heat or sunlight can destroy your perfumes causing them to turn sour. So if you are bringing your perfume away I recommend storing it somewhere cool. I also seem to go through more perfume then usual on holidays so for this reason I brought Zara 'Textures' with me which I love as its so light and summery and a bargain at €5.99 for 50ml zara Hair In my previous blog post I told you all about my Platinum Hair Extensions. A few days before my holidays I got them applied and am so delighted with them. As I love swimming I was in and out of the sea a lot so I was afraid that they might get matted and tangled. I brought a tangle teezer in my beach bag and just combed through my hair when I came out of the water  and applied a drop of leave in conditioner through my hair. Platinum do their own range of hair products and I find their hair mask excellent for keeping my extensions silky and knot free. Even if you don't have extensions I do recommend combing through your hair when you come out of the water and leaving a treatment in, even just  a couple of times as the sun can really damage your hair. 1044617_10152324875533380_6160779019832827659_n   Skincare The sun can be a tricky one for those of you with problem skin. You don't want to clog your pores and cause further break outs with a heavy suncream. I recommend trying Anthelios 50 Mineral Tinted by La Roche-Posay.  Its tinted so you won't have to go bare and its ultra light and a 100% mineral formula so it won't clog your pores. Another thing that can happen to your skin in the heat is that it can become dehydrated. I brought the latest addition to the Glam Glow family with me ' Thirstymud'  I used it about 3 times on holidays. Its also great to use in-flight, your skin can become extremely dehydrated . Literally just apply it at the beginning of the flight and leave on for the duration. I also brought my Green Angel Eye Gel and kept it in the fridge and applied every morning. thirstymud_carton_1_2 Sun cream I wore Nivea Sun Spray factor 30 for my whole holiday and factor 50 on my face. I did not get burnt once and got a nice even tan. It is worth getting a spray tan if it means you won't bake yourself in the sun trying desperately to get a tan. I avoided laying out in the sun between 12-3pm as that is the time you are most at risk of getting burnt.  I also reapplied my cream everytime I came out of the water even though my suncream was water resistant I just wouldn't take the risk.  Sunburn is NOT a good look ladies so avoid it at all costs. 631657a4685695813b8d0d37efbfea47   Accessories My beach bag was  a cheap one from Penneys that was destroyed by the end of the holiday. I wouldn't bother bringing anything expensive to the beach as its most likely going to get ruined with suncream, water and sand. I treated myself to a pair of Tom Ford sunglasses a few months ago and again only wore these going for lunch or shopping, I wore my cheaper glasses to to beach and didn't mind so much if they got scratched in the sand. I packed fairly light (for me) and brought lots of accessories like hats and jewellery so I could wear the same outfits but change them up. 10534065_904755449538488_6472342603926460117_n