My Advice For Bridesmaids

As I am around so many brides on a weekly basis I have really seen everything from tantrums to spills on dresses to tears of joy the list goes on. The bride has so much going through her head during the months leading up to the big day and so much to organise. Choosing the right bridesmaids can make a huge difference to your day. You want someone who has your best interests at heart and will not snap at you when you are ordering them around on the morning of the wedding. After all they are your 'maids' for the day. You probably will be returning the favour for them on their big day so they will understand that you are under a lot of pressure and might be feeling nervous. Here are some of my  tips for future bridemaids 10291719_10152297737168380_2429847050197425878_n10478201_895677350446298_4347036083012921846_n 1. Being Around A huge part of the excitement of getting married is the build up, the dress fittings, the hair and make up trials. Try your best to be around and go with the bride to these things. Not only are you showing her that you are there for her and excited too, you are also giving her a second opinion and helping her make these important decisions. 2. Know your Stuff It is usually one of the bridesmaids that gets the bride into her dress. Some dresses you can put on in 30 seconds others take a bit of time and might have a special lace up detail at the back etc. This is why its important to go along to the dress fittings and be shown how to do this the right way so its one less thing for the bride to worry about. Same goes for the veil, the hair person will usually put it in for the bride but needs to be shown where exactly it is meant to go. Ask these questions at the fittings. 3.Be Positive and Calm  I find sometimes it can be the bridesmaids that can stress a bride out on the day. The bride is in her own little world on the day and doesn't need to be told shes running late, aunt mary isn't coming, the photographers not here yet etc.. these are tiny things that can send her into a panic and I have witnessed it. Try and keep the atmosphere calm on the day and let her enjoy it. Everything always works out anyway so there is no point in stressing  her out. If she is a worrier anyway try keep the atmosphere light and take her mind of anything that might worry her. 4.Be her Mirror  Once the bride leaves the house you need to become her mirror. She is too excited to think of topping up her lipstick or popping on a bit of powder if she is looking a bit shiny. You need to be on the look out for these things and have her lipstick and powder in your bag. The photographer is going to be snapping away so be sure to have her looking picture perfect at all times. She will really thank you for it! 5. Emergency Kit Okay that sounds a bit dramatic but I do recommend having the following with you on the day to fulfil your superwoman duties. If something tiny goes wrong  the bridesmaid will turn to you most probably so be super organised and you can do no wrong:
  • Tissues (no brainer)
  • Lipgloss and Lipstick for bride ( ask make up artist at trial which one to get)
  • Compact powder ( pat on t-zone throughout the day to keep away shine)
  • Hair pins and mini hairspray (in case of fly away hairs)
  • mints
  • Mini sewing kit ( this isn't essential but would be handy just in case)
  • Painkillers (just in case)
  • Brides perfume of choice (sample size)
  • Plasters for sore feet
  • Nail file (incase nails break)
  • Mini deodorant
  • Straws ( keep lipstick perfect
This may seem like a lot of stuff but you can get mini versions of all of these things and I promise you will be glad to have all of these things at the ready (just incase) 10366063_877719035575463_3377422675959773228_n (1)   The main thing is to enjoy the day and make sure the bride is doing the same, remind her to smile and keep her calm. Being asked to be someones bridesmaid is a huge honour and should bring you closer together. You are sharing the biggest day of the brides life and she wants you to be her right hand women so you should feel very special. 1972356_10152018246554077_409129928_n