Gym Skin, Gym Make Up and Nutrition Advice from Catherine Carroll

A Lot of you have been asking about what I do to keep fit, what I eat on a daily basis and also about wearing make up to the gym, so I have decided to do one big blog post to cover everything.
I am been a member of Active You Gym for maybe three years now, usually attending around 3 classes a week. In the past I could eat what I want and never bothered with exercise, my diet was terrible consisting of a lot of sugary foods and takeaways. In my early twenties I didn't put on weight, I genuinely stayed around the same weight for years even though my diet was appalling. Coming in to my late twenties I noticed a change and realised my old lifestyle wasn't sustainable and my metabolism was no longer the same so that is when I decided to join a gym.
The main objective for me was so tone up and get healthy, it has definitely been more about making a lifestyle change then losing weight for me. In the past two years I have really put in a huge effort to clean up my diet, sticking to whole foods and avoiding processed food. The funny thing is that I actually eat more now then I did in the past, I am just eating the right foods.
I started personal training at Active You about 9 months before my wedding last year and by the time my wedding came around I felt the best I had felt probably ever. My skin, hair, moods..literally everything was  better then ever and I was fitter then ever aswell. After my wedding I wasn't great for a few months but I started back at it in January of this year and started personal training with my friend Catherine at Active You and she has totally got me back on track. Catherine is a mother of three, looks amazing and is so motivating. She texts me regularly with little reminders and some encouragement and like me totally believes in 'living' and having the odd treat, not being too hard on yourself and just trying your best. If you have a bad day and over indulge, just start again tomorrow and not feel guilty about it.
Catherine is full of great advice so I asked her could she share some tips with you guys. She is the professional and I just try to follow her guidelines and advice as much as possible.

Catherines  Nutrition Advice

1.Have 2-3 litres of water every day.
2.Never go longer than 3 hours without eating.
3.Eat 3 main meals and 2 snacks a day. (Subject to your time available)
4.Eat protein at least 3 times a day, eg turkey/chicken/fish/eggs.
5.Eat 2 good fats a day, eg nuts/oily fish/avocado.
6.Eat 2 good carbs a day, eg oats/quinoa/brown rice/sweet potatoes.
7.Post workout is one of the better times to have starchy carbs.
8.Pack in as much veg as possible, particularly green veg.
9.While healthy treats are a much better option as in its always better to get some nutrition from your treats, treats aren't treats if you have them all the time so keep them to a minimum.
10.Rule of thumb, if the ingredients say MORE than 5g sugars per 100g you should probably walk away. Or keep it for a cheat meal.
11.At least three times a week ensure there are 12 hours between your last meal in the evening and your first meal the following morning. This is allowing your body to detox naturally.
12.Try a new food/meal once a week.
13.Don't eat any food you hate because you won't keep it up! This is your new lifestyle, not a diet!! (no food plan should ever have an expiration date)
14.If it doesn't have a mother or come from the ground don't eat it!
15.Keep coffee/tea to a minimum and try replacing it with green tea.
16.Take a multivitamin and mineral and fish oils.
17.Eat like a king/queen in the a.m. and a pauper in the evening!

Gym Skin

It was actually Catherine that suggested that I write a blog on skincare and make up in the gym, and when I mentioned it online lots of you were asking questions so I will share what I recommend.
Pre Gym
My advice is to completely clean the skin of all makeup especially if you are coming from a long day at work. Remove everything with your regular cleanser, if you are in a rush The Cleanse Off Mitt is handy as it genuinely removes everything with just water so you can do this quickly before your session in the gym.
I usually use Bioderma micellar Water to remove my make up for the gym and then use a small amount of Biofresh Rose Water on a cotton pad and gently sweep it all over.
  • Avoid wearing a moisturiser or rich serum to the gym as it is likely to clog pores and possibly result in a breakout.
  • It is so important to remove your make up before working out, again it will definitely clog your pores.
  • Even if you have little or no make up on your skin it is still important to clean it before working out so there is nothing sitting on your skin that may clog your pores.

Gym Make Up

Ideally it is best to wear no make up to the gym at all, so many foundations are heavy on the skin and will just sink in to your pores as you work out potentially causing you to break out. There are simple things you can do if you really don't feel comfortable going completely bare faced that will hopefully make you feel more confident.

  • If you don't feel comfortable going bare faced to the gym opt for a mineral foundation like Bellapierre Mineral Powder. it contains just 4 ingredients, all of which are kind, gentle, protective and nurturing on the skin. Its non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic so won't sit in or clog pores like other foundations will. If you just have a few spots that you want to cover just pat this on with a fluffy eyeshadow brush like the E25 from blank canvas just to those areas instead of applying it all over the skin.
  • I have semi permanent eyelashes which do make a difference to me when I am going bare faced to the gym as I feel like I have something on. I know some people will not leave the house without mascara on so for the gym I would highly recommend opting for a waterproof one.

Post Gym

What you do post gym is so important for you skin, cleaning your face as soon as possible post gym session is what I recommend. You don't want a combination of dirt, oil and sweat clinging to your skin  and clogging your pores resulting in a breakout so wash your skin as soon as you can. I usually go to the gym in the evening so now is the time I do my night time skincare routine.

  • If you are rushing to work post session bring a mini face wash with you or a micellar water to clean your skin straight after your workout.
  • I like to use Pixi glow Tonic post workout on cleansed skin to close my pores. It is a gentle exfoliator so I use it every other day.

Tara xx