3 Of My Most Commonly Asked Beauty Questions, Answered.

I am delighted to be working with TK Maxx again sharing some of my top makeup tips with you. Anyone that follows me on snapchat will know how often I frequent my nearest TK Maxx and always share some of the gems I have picked up each time! You all know I love a bargain and have found some of my favourite designer brand products in TK Maxx for a fraction of the regular retail price.

This week I filmed some short videos for TK Maxx sharing some of my top make up tips and shared what make up tools I couldn't live without.

I am going to go into a little bit more detail here and cover some of my most commonly asked questions.

How to change your make up as you age...

This is something I get asked on a regular basis and my mum who is in her sixties now has taken on board all of these tips and people always comment on how great she looks.

  • As we age our skin loses its natural glow and plumpness, it can start to look a bit dull so we need to bring back that youthful radiance. Skincare is important here and I always recommend investing in some hydrating brightening serums or masks. Sheet masks are everywhere at the moment and I have recently become a huge fan of them myself . Once you peel them off you can usually see an immediate glow to the skin.  Another really good quick fix and one that I absolutely swear by is introducing a liquid illuminator in to your make up routine. Simply mix it in with your regular foundation for an instant lift to the skin. I love trying this on older women and seeing their reactions when they look in the mirror, its so simple but literally transforms the appearance to the skin. Most brands have Liquid illuminators and highlighters in their ranges now so they are really easy to find.
  • Eyebrows are another important area to define at any age but especially as we age as if done right they can knock years off your appearance. There are lots of handy eyebrow kits on the market now and they are so simple to use. Less is more when it comes to brows and even just a small bit of definition can make the biggest difference.
  • If I had to choose one item to bring with me in my make up bag it would be lip-liner. As we age our lips tend to get thinner and lack definition. A lip liner is going to give you that definition and also add volume to the lips making them look fuller. I always go for a natural lip colour and finish with a pop of gloss on the lips for added plumpness.

How many make up brushes do I need....

A lot of you may follow make up artists and bloggers who seem to have an endless supply of make up brushes. I get asked all of the time how many make up brushes does the average lady need just for doing her own make up. Brushes for me are the most important part of my kit and I simply would not be able to achieve the looks I want without using the right tools. Every woman needs the following:

  1. A foundation Brush
  2. A Powder Brush
  3. A fluffy blending eyeshadow brush
  4. An Eyebrow brush
  5. A blusher brush

These 5 brushes are the essentials and can be doubled and used for other things like contouring etc. I always recommend buying a brush set that includes the essentials and it usually works out cheaper.

How do I apply lashes....

Lashes are one of the quickest ways to transform your whole look. Full lashes will make your eyes look bigger and brighter but be warned they can get addictive. When choosing your lashes always go for the ones with a nice thin band as seen in the picture below. This is going to help them adhere to the skin a lot easier and make for an easy application.

  1. Measure the strip up to your eye and see if you need to trim any off to fit your eye shape. I always trim about a centimetre from the outside of the lash which also makes them easier to apply.
  2. Once it is the right length apply a thin coating of eyelash glue to the band of the lash. Let it get slightly tacky.
  3. Sit the strip on to your own lashes using them as a shelf for the lashes.
  4. Gently press the strip up on to the eyelid closely along the lash line until the glue sticks to the skin.

When choosing lashes always go for a fluffy natural lash for the best and most flattering results.

This Thursday TK Maxx will have their biggest ever beauty offering arriving in stores across the country with 1ooos of big beauty brands  available including some of my favourite make up and skincare brands.

Happy Shopping!

Tara xx

Disclaimer  This post has  been sponsored by TK Maxx  and as always all opinions are my own.